Yoga Lessons from Your Microwave

yoga lessons from your microwave

I remember a time before microwaves. (Yes, I know how old that makes me sound.) My first memory of what we thought was amazing technology was hearing the unfamiliar beeps as my mom pressed its buttons from the warmth of my bed in the early morning from the stretches of my five-year-old mind.

Not knowing what that sound was, I crept down the stairs and groggily stumbled into the kitchen, rubbing my eyes as I watched my mom pull out a steaming bowl of oatmeal from this enormous metal box that took up every inch of counterspace in our tiny, busting at the seams kitchen, wall papered with lines of blue flowers.

Back then, microwaves were touted as the greatest invention ever.

The time it saved you was worth every soggy, center is still cold, it kind of smells a little weird bite. There were cookbooks that taught you how to cook whole meals (even a turkey!) with this game-changing machine.

The microwave was king for a good long while, as the conventional oven grew dusty and seemed antiquated with its fiery burners and takes a whole hour to cook heat warming the kitchen.

And, then as a society we more or less came to our senses and realized that food cooked in a microwave kind of sucks.

I mean, its okay to warm up some water for your tea in a pinch, or make instant oatmeal, but other than that? The time it takes to cook a meal the old-fashioned way seems worth it when you factor in the mouth-watering aromas that fill the house, the well-seasoned taste of your first bite, and the art that comes with cooking a meal everyone will remember.

There are some things in life that take time, that are rooted in tradition, and are totally worth every moment it takes.

And, that’s the way you should view your yoga practice.

Sure, you can take a yoga class here and there, peppered in with other fad workout classes, such as Belly Dance Off Your Booty, Six Pack Abs in Thirty Days, Spin Your Way to Greatness, and Disco Lights and Burpees. But, just like the microwave. I hope you come to your senses and realize that none of them are going to give you the satisfaction that developing a real yoga practice will.

Rooted in tradition, grounding you in the present, giving you a sense than you are more than your body, but also having you appreciate your body for everything it gives you in this life, yoga is the “workout” that will still be here when all of the other fads become passé. Because in the end, yoga is going nowhere. It’s just like that conventional oven. It might grow dusty in the corner for a little while as you stray and try new things, but it will wait patiently for you to come back to its greatness over and over again.

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Tori Hicks-Glogowski is an online yoga instructor for real people looking to do extraordinary things. On her own mat for well over fifteen years, Tori works to inspire others to develop a life long practice through her classes, workshops, in-person events, and retreats. Find out more about Tori now.

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