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Workshops by Tori Hicks-Glogowski

Go Way Back Workshop: Hip Openers, Shoulder Openers & Back Bends, Oh My! 

In this intensive class, students will take their back bending practice to a new level. Beginning with a series of hip and shoulder openers, students will explore the spaces that are seemingly locked up and leave with the tools that will help them take their practice to a new depth. A fun and challenging class that will have students excited to return to their mat again and again.


Self Myofascial Release Workshop for the Modern Yogi

Self Myofascial Release is a technique that benefits all bodies. SMR increases blood flow and reduces inflammation, improves muscular range of motion/flexibility, reduces muscle soreness, promotes quicker recovery, and connects you to your body, as well as, enhancing proprioception. Why would you not want learn this healing technique?! Through this 90-minute workshop, Tori will give you the education you need to take this simple, but effective practice with you into your everyday, to improve your performance not only in your yoga practice, but in all of the activities you enjoy.


Original Hot Yoga Workshop

Explore the original hot yoga twenty-six and two sequence, most commonly known as Bikram Yoga, in a positive, group environment. This two-hour interactive workshop will discuss proper alignment, give you tools to go deeper, and offer a chance to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask! Set to bring your community together for a fun and memorable experience.


Hot Yoga Masterclass

This class has students on their feet and moving, learning each moment as they progress through the original hot yoga series. Two hours in length, students will feel energized to try new ideas, look at a postures from a different perspective, and receive hands-on adjustments and corrections. A great sweaty way to learn more about the practice you already love!


Back Bending 101

In this back bending intensive students will learn proper back bending technique to help them take their back bends to the next level. Each student will receive a spine reading so that they will know the spaces in their spine where they are not bending evenly and how to go about getting an even and therapeutic back bend. Also, students will go through a sequence of back bending exercises that they can add to their practice to strengthen the spine and help them go deeper.


Locked Knee Clinic

Can’t figure out your locked knee? Do you hyper-extend the knee? Still have a bend in the knee? Not really sure what the teacher is talking about when they get into the standing balancing postures? This is the clinic for you! Learn how to engage the muscles in your leg to gain strength and create a solid base for your postures. Students will go through drills and explore ways to go deeper in Standing Head to Knee and Standing Bow so they can move forward with their practice.


Arm Balancing Clinic

A great class for fans of Next Level, Hot 26 Plus, Inferno Hot Pilates, and Rocket classes! Designed for every level of practitioner, this clinic focuses on proper hand and shoulder position when working on arm balancing postures, as well as proper form when attempting inversions and planks. Students will learn to find these postures with control and simple progress to prevent injury. Fun and upbeat, students are surprised what they can achieve when working the right way, gaining upper body and core strength along the way.


Teacher Tune-Up Workshop

Meant for a group setting, this workshop is meant to assist yoga instructors in leveling up their teaching skills. Discussing a variety of adjustments and corrections, how to deal with certain situations in and out of the class room when it comes to our students, and ways to increase your individual yoga business, this workshop is the perfect way to help keep your classes fresh and have your students coming back for more.

What everyone's saying about Tori's workshops....

Claudia: I love the way Tori is always learning and so generous and excited with sharing her knowledge with every one. Her workshops are always well thought out, informative, fun and interactive. I’ve attended a number of workshops over the years. Each proved to be a good investment with the growth and development of my practice.

Jan: Through Tori's workshops I have gained strength and confidence in my practice. I have learned that I can – and should – work harder on my practice, and that I shouldn’t use my age as an excuse.