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  • Are you looking to gain new insight into your yoga practice?
  • Are you a yoga instructor that seems baffled as to how to create a profitable and successful career?
  • Is your love for yoga or teaching yoga starting to fade?

Then look no further... Tori Hicks-Glogowski is available to help you level up your yoga practice, passion, and business.

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Why work with Tori?

Tori Hicks-Glogowski began her yoga practice in 2005 and has been on her mat for fourteen years. She has experienced the ups and downs that come with a devoted practice.

Teaching yoga for over eight years, she is a Level Two OHYA Instructor, having completed 500-hour Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, 120-hour Next Level Intermediate Ghosh Yoga Training, Hot 26 Plus Training, and multiple instructor development events. Tori has a degree in Education with over twenty years of experience working with students in multiple disciplines, with an understanding of individual learning styles.  She is also an official USA Yoga Coach.

Tori has spent her entire working life as a contractor and business owner, first as an actress, then as a freelance writer for corporate companies and author, and, of course, as a yoga teacher. Throughout her careers she has developed a unique set of skills to help brand, market, and develop a profitable business for the individual yoga teacher.

What you get when working with Tori?

Forward thinking creativity that empowers you in your practice, in your career, and in your life.

Looking for a partner in your practice? Tori has been working one-on-one with students for over eight years. She has helped students with injury, coached students for competition, and worked  with students to take their practice to a new depth of understanding. Private sessions are for everyone!

Looking for a teaching/business coach? Tori loves to work one-on-one to help teachers like you, gain clarity on how to level up your teaching skills and create a clearer connection with your students. Get feedback, learn how to give clear, concise corrections & adjustments, and expand your following.

They might have taught you the basics of how to teach in your teacher training, but did they teach you how to run your business effectively? Probably not. Let's get you, your business, and your community on the right track!

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