What the Comeback Kids Are Saying


You begin a yoga practice. You come once a week to start. “Who are these people that can make it to the studio three, four, even five, times a week???” you think. You start to feel good. You are walking a little taller and moving easier. On the day you attend class, and maybe even the day after, you are more relaxed and less stressed. All week long you look forward to that date you have with your mat. By the time you get to the studio, you don’t care how grueling the class will be, you just know that your body, your mind, your LIFE is craving yoga.

You start to find more time to practice. You are now at the studio three days a week. “How did that happen?” you think. But you love it. You love the people you see there – the teachers that ask about your day and how they actually listen to what you have to say, the students that like to chat about practicing and are interested in how to be their best Self. You love the wave of heat that hits your skin when you open the door to the hot room. It’s starting to be a space you inhabit and are a piece of, a space you call a home.

And then… something happens. It could be work, or a big move to a different place that doesn’t have a studio, or a family situation, or, well…. the list is endless. It could be anything. It could be big or small, but whatever the reason is, you are having a hard time practicing, or getting to the studio. Life happens. And sometimes life gets in the way of a usual yoga practice and you slowly taper your practice back or stop completely.

Time passes. Sometimes it’s a couple of months. Sometimes it’s years, or even decades. But for whatever reason, the practice is calling you back. You would like to feel like you did when you made it to your mat even that oneday a week. So, you take a leap, and get back to the studio. You are a Comeback Kid.

Having been through this type of journey myself, I, too am a Comeback Kid. And, as a teacher that’s been leading classes for years and years, I’ve seen this happen to quite a few yogis. What you need to know most is this: We, your teachers and yoga community, have missed you as much as you have missed us and your practice. We are glad to have you back.

For those of you who maybe are in the middle of this situation and are starting to taper back on your practice because of whatever life is throwing at you, I wanted to tell you what I hear from the Comeback Kids that have come before you.

“I wish I never stopped.” 

“I was able to do so much more before – I could go deeper, I was stronger. I can’t wait to get back to that.”

“Why didn’t I just keep coming once a week? Or, even, once a month until things got back to normal?”

“I am so glad to be back!! I missed it so much!”

“I knew it was good for me, but I haven’t felt this good in a long time. It’s funny how you forget how you’re supposed to feel.”

“My husband/wife/sister/brother/friend/co-worker says I’m nicer when I practice, so they told me to get back to it.”

“I’ve learned my lesson. Yoga for the rest of my life. I hope you like me because you’re stuck with me.” 

“The best sleep I’ve had in years happened the first day I came back to the practice. Worth every drop of sweat.” 

Keep coming. Maybe you can’t manage to get to class every week anymore, but I am pretty sure that you can still make it once a month. Set the date and make it happen. You won’t regret it.

And for all of the potential Comeback Kids out there that are considering taking up their practice again I hope you find yourself standing on your mat soon. Being a Comeback Kid beats becoming a I-never-came-back-and-now-my-health-feels-out-of-my-hands-kinda-kid. Your yoga studio and community are here to support you through the good times and the bad. Don’t pull away from us, we will never pull away from you.

Originally posted to viewsfromthepodium.com on January 11, 2019 

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