The #1 Guide to Yoga Teacher Success


Never stop learning. This is HUGE guys. I see people graduate from their Teacher Training and think, “Wow, I’m good go,” and NEVER do any continuing education. You go to college for at least four years, but you expect a career in a couple of weeks or maybe a few months? It doesn’t work that way. Teacher Training is your first step. Then get around teachers that inspire you. Travel out to see them if you have to. Take masterclasses, CE classes, workshops, find a teacher that provides mentorship, and maybe even go to another training. And, if right now you are thinking, “How am I supposed to do that on a yoga teacher’s salary?” Look at the next point on the list.

Take charge of your business. I’m serious. Over the past couple of years, I have seen some of the brightest lights dimmed because the teacher did not understand that they were in control of their business. They worked incessantly, taught a boat load of group classes at the expense of their own practice, and after a couple of years, called it quits. I believe that yoga teachers have a chance to make an actual living doing what they do. It is a great service to their community and there is nothing wrong with being paid well for that service. The people that taught you how to teach yoga are not going to be the same people that teach you how to run your yoga business. Find someone that knows what’s up before you become another burnt out yoga teacher. The world needs you and your gifts as an instructor.

Find your own voice. You do not have to be exactly like your favorite yoga instructor on Instagram. You have your own stories to tell, ways to connect, and talents when it comes to running your class. If you feel stifled by trying to uphold a way of doing things that have always been done that way, or because you’ve seen others do it while they teach class, it’s not for you. Explore your best ways to communicate and make those even stronger. Your students need YOU, not a version of someone else.

Take care of yourself. Yoga teacher self-care is real thing. TAKE A DAY OFF. Go do something un-yoga-y. If you are always thinking about yoga, your yoga business, or practicing yoga, you will be a crazy person in no time. No one likes the crazy yoga teacher. Also, it is a wonderful thing to be an example of wellness for your students. If you are always looking like a hot mess and run down, they are going to wonder if they should dive deep into the yoga world at all.

Practice what you preach. If you tell your students they should practice at least two to three days a week to see results, shouldn’t you?

Get creative. You have many unique gifts. Most yoga teachers are on their second or third career when they take the plunge into becoming an instructor. How can you use everything you have learned in your life to create the business of your dreams? If you feel super stuck coming up with an answer, that’s okay. It might not make sense right away. Everyone has something in their background that can help them create a niche yoga business that works for them and pulls together all of their passions. That’s how you find your tribe. If you can’t think of an answer, talk to someone that does something close to what you would like to do in the coming years. If you want to create workshops, blog, create a podcast or YouTube Channel, be an expert on fascia or pregnancy yoga… go find the people that are doing that, talk to them, and then put your own twist on it, so that it’s fresh and new.

What do you think? Do you think you might be pumped up enough to take the next step towards yoga teacher success? Just know I’m behind you, cheering you on one hundred percent. There will never be too many yoga teachers. The world, your communities… they need you. You provide a healing space in a super speedy, noisy, crazy world. Never doubt your contribution. You mean a lot to the people that entrust you with their practice.

Yoga On, Friends…

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