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"I have been a student of Tori's for years. Tori is the most knowledgeable, thorough, tough, yet compassionate, yoga teacher I know. I mean this woman CARES about what she does, and when you work with Tori, you want to give it all you have. Her passion is infectious," - John J., Pharmaceutical Rep. & Dad
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"I have loved seeing an improvement in both my flexibility and strength - I didn’t know that was possible. And, I'm excited to see myself getting into some of these crazy poses! I've developed a new passion for yoga through Tori's online classes. There’s so much to learn and ways to be better. There’s so much that goes in to perfecting each pose - it’s a challenging challenge." - Agnes C., Sushi Chef & Mom

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"At first I was hesitant to join as a monthly member of Tori’s classes as I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the rest of the class because I hadn’t practiced yoga in a while and had only attended Intermediate classes sporadically. But, my flexibility has improved and also my upper body strength has greatly improved!! I love the flexibility of being able to attend class in person or to use the recordings. I have also used the recordings to review specific things in class or to track my progress. I would absolutely recommend this class. It is so fun and challenging. Tori breaks down the postures in a very accessible way and has such a passion for yoga. It is a joy to take a class from her!" - Denise K., Business Owner,  Entrepreneur & Mom
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"The online intermediate classes have been a blessing and have strengthened my practice and made me independent of attending class at a studio. I feel like my practice has gone further than it ever has and I love still being with a yoga community! Yogis are medicine for the soul." - Amanda A, Helicopter Nurse & Mom

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"These classes are a safe space to challenge your mind and body to continue to open and take on new experiences. When I first started, I thought some of postures were insane, but as I have continued to practice, the shift has been from “I can’t do that!” to “ok, let’s try”. And, while I may never see full expression of a certain posture, the joy and growth come from the experience of the attempt, not the outcome - but often I’m surprised by what I can do." - Melanie H., Telecommunications Executive & Mom
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"Through Tori's online classes I've gained peace of mind, as well as, something to ground and energize me for the day ahead. I've also gained pride in what I have accomplished. 

The community of yogis that show up for class are committed and goal oriented, but we can still laugh at ourselves when falling-out of a posture. They're the best!" - Irene C., Marketing Executive & Mom 

"I love the way Tori is always learning and so generous and excited with sharing her knowledge with every one. Her workshops are always well thought out, informative, fun and interactive. I’ve attended a number of workshops over the years. Each proved to be a good investment with the growth and development of my practice." - Claudia M., overall awesome person & Mom
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"Before I began taking Tori's online classes, my practice was okay and I could do most of the postures to the best of my ability. Through this program I've gained a daily yoga practice. I used to attend class fairly regularly, usually 3-4 times a week.  Now I practice daily; I love the discipline these classes have brought to my yoga.  My postures, I believe, are stronger than they used to be and I enjoy the challenge of trying new postures, even if they are out of my range.  My thought process about my yoga has changed; daily practice is assumed and my day isn't complete unless I start off with class."   -Jan J., Bookkeeper, Mom, & Grandma

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"Through Tori's online classes I have gained strength, for sure. I like practicing the more intermediate postures more consistently. It helps them evolve. And, I am continuously inspired by the community of yogis that show up for these classes. This program has given me some sense of grounding in uncertain times." - Amy B., High School Teacher & Mom  

"I have definitely developed greater flexibility and strength through Tori's classes. Most importantly I’ve gained a renewed confidence. Initially, for many of the intermediate postures, I thought you were all crazy and never thought that I would be able to do them. Now I’m doing them and progressing fast." - Kim K., Executive & Mom 

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