Tori offers a wide array of yoga workshops to fit your studio's needs and create a unique event that will unite your community in a fun and memorable way. Whether you want to hone in on the basics or dig into advanced asana, she has got you covered.

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Yoga Business & Teacher Coaching

Every coach needs a coach at times. And every yoga instructor wants to be at their best for the communities they serve. This program will help you get in touch with your yoga business and assist you in taking your teaching to the next level.

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The Blog & the Book

Views from the Podium was created to inspire yoga students and instructors to keep up their practice. Though the blog has evolved over time, the mission is the same. Check back often to stay up to date on the latest posts and as Tori works on her next book.

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Workshops & Private Instruction

Tori offers a wide array of workshops & posture clinics and is also available to teach private sessions, both locally and online. Her most popular offerings are the Hot Yoga 26&2 Posture Clinic, Arm Balancing Workshop, Back Bending Intensive, and Locked Knee Clinic. Click here to see Tori's full list of offerings. Contact Tori for pricing and availability today.

Here's what students and studio owners are saying:

“I have been practicing for years and this was the best workshop!”

“It’s great!  If you are thinking about attending…JUST DO IT…well worth it.”

“Thank you, Tori! In one single clinic we learned how to expand our practice and try new things. With more tips in our arsenal, we can clean up and improve our postures and more importantly, we learned how to avoid injury.”

“For anyone that hasn’t taken the opportunity to participate in one of Tori’s workshops…you really should think about doing it.  It is a great experience and can only make your practice better. Time well spent!”

“It was wonderful – loved the tips and feel the class helped to evolve my practice to the next level!”

“Always a positive experience with Tori!”

“I went to my first practice after the workshop today and had so much fun!  Can’t wait to go back tomorrow!”

“Tori is an incredible instructor!”

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Yoga Business & Teacher Coaching

Yoga teacher mentorship is a way to have a partner on your teaching journey. Your education should never stop after your teacher training is complete. Teaching at a studio is very different than practicing at a studio. Learn to take your teaching, and your yoga business, to the next level.

Topics Covered:

Setting up your Yoga Business - The bridge between becoming a professional instead of a hobbyist - Teaching techniques to further assist your students - How to receive and give feedback - Why communication is key; with students and studio owners - How to create a workshop or special clinic - Ways to best serve your unique yoga community.

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Private Instruction

Private instruction is available at each studio or can be done online via Messenger or FaceTime. Each private lesson is tailored towards the needs of the individual student. How to work with an injury, working to go deeper, simply need a one-on-one, or looking for competition coaching – everything applies. Local yogis, contact Tori and she will work with you to find a date and time that works at the studios.

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The Book.... Views from the Podium: The Life & Times of a Hot Yogi

Like the blog? You will love the book!

The best adventures are the ones you never see coming.
A sometimes successful, sometimes struggling musical theater actress, Tori Hicks, finds herself in a hot yoga class in 2005 to break a light sweat and get a good stretch in the hopes it would make her feel lighter on her feet and more limber before, yet another, upcoming dance audition. What proceeds is a journey she could never have predicted for herself. From her own account of how her life was healed through this simple, yet challenging, yoga practice, to the account of five other yoga students from every walk of life. Views from the Podium, sheds a positive light on what it means to be a devoted hot yogi.


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