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Yoga Inversions: Turning Your World Upside Down

I could taste the fear at the back of my throat. But, I knew it was fear. And, I knew it was nothing I needed to fully listen to. I just needed to recognize it was there.

You see, I hadn’t gone upside down in long time. At least, not on my own. As a dancer, doing partner work, I easily could be thrown around in lifts and dips and think nothing about it. There was someone to catch me. It was their job to catch me. But, this. This was different.

It was the first time I was going to attempt a headstand in the middle of the room… in front of people. READ MORE

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How Yoga Heals... Fifteen Years in

Yoga continues to heal my life each day. It’s why even after fifteen years on the mat, I still show up for myself and bend, lift, invert, stretch, and sweat. And, why I’ll be on the mat when I’m ninety-five and wrinkly as hell, but probably able to still put my leg behind my head.

This year my practice has evolved in a ga-jillion ways. I’m no longer looking for my practice to prove anything about me. I think I did that in the past. If I could bend the deepest and lift the highest, it said I was “good” somehow. READ MORE

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