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The Biggest Mistake Every Yoga TEacher Makes

Please don’t worry. I’ve made this mistake, too. It happened mainly in the beginning of my career as a yoga instructor. And, I honestly didn’t know I was making it.

What I did, was assume I knew the whole story. You see a student day after day, year after year. You know their occupation, their friends, their kids, or at least their kids’ names, their dating or marital status… you name it, you know it. But, you don’t. READ MORE

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Embrace Your Ambition

At the beginning of the year I signed on for a super intensive online course. It was a business focused course and I was hoping it would help me sort through all of ideas that pop into my head hourly and figure out which ones actually held any kind of real value.

Within week one of the course I felt like I was back in college, cramming to get each assignment done, yet each assignment pushed me to do things way out of my comfort zone. Call people I barely knew and chat with them about their life and my business? Good God, why did I sign up for this?

The answer: to change. To be better. So, I plugged along.



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