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The Fear Face-Off & the Miracles That Follow It

When I was driving across country to go from theater to theater I would stop and fill my gas tank every time I hit the quarter tank mark. You have to remember, yes, I’m not so old that I didn’t have a cell phone, but old enough that I had my directions printed out from Mapquest before I left my home.

Most of the time, the drive I was making was from Illinois to Arizona, as I worked out west quite often. The drive into Arizona or back home to Illinois took two total days – each day amounting to about fifteen hours of driving.

My greatest fear as a woman trekking across the country on her own... READ MORE

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How Yoga Heals... Fifteen Years in

Yoga continues to heal my life each day. It’s why even after fifteen years on the mat, I still show up for myself and bend, lift, invert, stretch, and sweat. And, why I’ll be on the mat when I’m ninety-five and wrinkly as hell, but probably able to still put my leg behind my head.

This year my practice has evolved in a ga-jillion ways. I’m no longer looking for my practice to prove anything about me. I think I did that in the past. If I could bend the deepest and lift the highest, it said I was “good” somehow. READ MORE

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