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Stay in Your Magic 

When I was a kid I fully believed in magic. There were four pine trees in a clump behind my elementary school that you would walk through to get to the playground during recess. But, they were not just a group of trees to me. They comprised what I thought of as Unicorn Forest.

It became a safe space for me throughout my entire childhood. When I didn’t feel like hanging out with the other kids, or during that time in the third grade when Holly Smith decided that no one should look at me, let alone talk to me, I went to Unicorn Forest. There, everything seemed magical and full of possibilities.  READ MORE

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How Yoga Heals... Fifteen Years in

Yoga continues to heal my life each day. It’s why even after fifteen years on the mat, I still show up for myself and bend, lift, invert, stretch, and sweat. And, why I’ll be on the mat when I’m ninety-five and wrinkly as hell, but probably able to still put my leg behind my head.

This year my practice has evolved in a ga-jillion ways. I’m no longer looking for my practice to prove anything about me. I think I did that in the past. If I could bend the deepest and lift the highest, it said I was “good” somehow. READ MORE

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