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Peeling Back the Layers: the Journey of a Yogi

I am not the same as when I started and neither are you. You might have started yesterday, courageously unrolling your mat and stepping upon it for the first time, or 15 years ago, a seasoned veteran to the practice, and I can say the same of either one of you. You have changed.

For the better? Yes. If better means taking a step towards becoming whole. READ MORE


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Maybe We Need a Global Pizza Party & other thoughts on gratitude & joy

Last Friday I had real pizza. And, when I say pizza, please know how crazy I am for this food. It is one of my favorite things on this planet. It, like yoga, can make any day better.

Since college, back when my husband and I met, pizza on Friday has been a tradition. And, even through quarantine we kept it going, although it was with frozen pizzas that I cheerfully choked down, grateful we were together, healthy, and safe. READ MORE


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