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What Your Yoga Teacher is Really Thinking

Every couple of weeks someone says something to me that goes something like, “I can’t even imagine what you have to deal with while teaching yoga. It must be hard dealing with so many different people.”

I always find this comment interesting. The thing is one person isn’t so much different from the next. Yes, everyone has their own issues and yes, I have to be open to what these issues might be, but I by no means find this difficult, or a hardship I have to bear. READ MORE


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The Top Reason You're Stressed & How to Fix It Today

So, life is stressful, no? It was before 2020 and now it’s next level, nuttiness that we’re all trying to get a handle on. Everything is upside down and inside out and every day offers a new set of rules we have to quickly adapt to.

And, yet there is a simple solution to curing the stress crazed days. I actually learned it from my dogs. Yup, you heard it right – my dogs. Hear me out.



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