Single Class: Monday Traditional Hatha Yoga



If you love Bikram Yoga, you’ll love my Traditional Hatha Yoga Level II class.

And, since you’re practicing from home, if you love or hate the heat in those classes, you can decide if you want to light your skin on fire or keep it cool – yay for climate control!

One thing I can promise you is you will sweat. Keeping the structure of the twenty-six postures of the Bikram Method, the Traditional Hatha Yoga class introduces you to arm balancing postures, inversions, deep back bends, and salutations. Kind of like an old friend that grounds you when you when the world feels like its spinning too fast, this class is here to help you set solid goals for your overall health and well-being.

Class begins at 9am CST. Please register for class at least 15-minutes beforehand to give me time to get the live stream access links to you without too much stress or rush.

I do not offer a refund for single class passes. If for some reason you miss this class, you can choose a different date to attend.

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* Discover Thought LLC (Meet Me on Your Mat) assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing virtual classes and sessions. The individual takes full responsibility for their bodies, and the space and equipment they use.