Self Myofascial Release Workshop


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Are you ready to heal? Because that’s what my Self Myofascial Release Workshop is all about.

Join me for this 90-minute workshop where you learn how to:

  • Correct your muscle imbalances.
  • Improve your joint mobility.
  • Reduce your muscle soreness and improve tissue recovery.
  • Feel great in your body no matter what activity you take on.
  • Learn how to give yourself a massage…. ummm… hello, it’s the BEST.
  • Increase your knowledge on fascial trains. (Once you know, you know and you can’t go back.)
  • Have a greater understanding of your body’s specific trigger points and how to relieve them.

This is one of my most popular offerings and spots will go quickly, so sign up sooner rather than later.

And, as with all of my online workshops, you will have access to this class and all of the good info for a full 6-months after the live stream event.

The need to know on my Self Myofascial Release Workshop:


The minimum is a tennis ball and a yoga block, or a thick book to substitute.

The maximum is a set of RAD Rounds (order here) and a yoga block.


Tuesday, May 11th 2021 at 6pm CST via Zoom

This workshop is for EVERYBODY. Yogi, not-a-yogi-yet, not-interested-in-becoming-a-yogi – everyone.

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