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Change isn’t always easy – even good change. Since I published my book, “Views from the Podium: The Life & Times of a Hot Yogi,” I have felt a shift into the next phase. For a while now, I thought about shutting the blog down completely. The blog, for me, was what led to the book. Did I still have more to say?

Well, it happens that I do. Ideas for blog posts still come to me and knock around my mind until I can get them down on the page. And, this community that has grown around the blog over the last seven years has become dear to me in ways that aren’t always easy to express. There are yogis all over the world that feel like good friends to me at this point as we’ve commented back and forth through the years and I would hate to see these relationships fall to the wayside.

So, what to do? I guess the idea to change the name of the blog came to me a few months ago when I received, yet again, as I do every year, an invitation to a furniture expo because whomever sends the invites out assumes that I sell podiums. Ha! It always makes me laugh when it happens. But this year it made me sigh in exasperation. Most yogis would never think to click on something called, “Views from the Podium,” because as the yoga world continues to evolve and change, many teachers don’t even stand on podiums anymore.

And, I honestly thought that no one would care if I changed it up at all. So, a few weeks back I threw a query up on the Facebook Page asking what the long-time readers thought of a possible change? I went out to walk the dog and half an hour later came back to find that people really did CARE if I changed it. Huh. That was quite a surprise to me and made me pause instead of pushing through with it in my regular “let do this!” fashion.

So, I meditated on it and listened to my heart and made the decision to go through with the change. Not in defiance of those that thought I should stick with Views from the Podium, but because it no longer spoke to me and where I am in my life and teaching career right now.

And with that thought, I introduce to you the new home for the blog: Meet Me on Your Mat. This site combines everything into one spot. It’s the blog and it’s also a space to check out upcoming events and teaching opportunities and it has the capacity to grow into some other things I am dreaming about implementing in the months to come.

To the fans of Views from the Podium, know that nothing has changed except the logo and the name. I promise you the same authentic content that made you stick with the blog for so long. And I thank you for your dedication to this inspiring yoga community. Here’s to the next chapter!

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Much love & light,

Tori Hicks-Glogowski

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