How to Change Your Life According to Your Yoga Teacher


The quickest way to change your life is to think new thoughts. Ha! You thought I was going to say go to yoga, didn’t you? But, nope, if you change your thoughts, you will change your life. It’s easy to say, but not as easy to do. It takes discipline. It takes awareness. It takes a willingness that most people refuse to embrace, as it’s much easier to stay in the comfort zone of what they already know and complain about the things they think they cannot change.

What I love about the practice of yoga and teaching it to others is that, at its very core, it has the power to get you to think differently. I think it’s almost difficult to have a regular yoga practice and dwell in negativity and drama. The fact that you arrived on your mat, even for the first time, means you are open to, at least, trying it out. That alone is a huge leap for most of the human population*.

When you get on your mat for the first year, the inner dialogue you have with yourself goes something like: “Why am I here?? This pose is not for me. Other people can do it, but my knee/hips/low back/shoulder, elbow/wrist/you name it… are too messed up.”

And then, after about twenty plus classes it starts to turn around. “Huh. I never thought I could do that pose, but I just did… and I held it the entire time!” That’s when the yoga bug starts. That’s why you return to your mat again and again. There is a chance with each session on your mat that you could surprise yourself with your capabilities – do things you never thought possible – and you want to take that chance. For when you do accomplish something new and open the body up to a new thought, it’s kind of the best thing in the world.

And maybe, just maybe, you start to apply it to your life away from your mat. Because if you can do something you never thought you could and now you can within your yoga practice, where else are you stopping yourself with limits that don’t even truly exist?

I hate to tell you this, guys, but no one is going to give you the green light on your dreams. You will not be chosen at random for a fabulous life. There is no one out there that can give it to you or tell you that now you are ready. YOU have to create your life. If there is something you want to achieve, you are going to have to start bringing it to you – step by step, day by day, breath by breath – just like in your yoga class. And you do that, by changing the thoughts that run through head – the ones that say you can’t, it’s too hard, it’s not meant for you – bit by bit.

For the past three years I was wondering when someone would tell me I was ready to start leading workshops. Ever since I became a yoga teacher, I knew that was what I wanted for my career. I spent countless hours in continuing education spaces to work towards this dream. I would do events with small groups of yogis at the studios I already teach at because I was drawn to do it and I have incredibly supportive studio owners. At the beginning of this year, I looked around and realized that no one was going to tell me, “Now, Tori. It is time. You can now lead workshops.” So, I just decided to do it. And, what I’ve always wanted for my life and career is starting to come to fruition – not because someone told me I was ready, but because I knew I was and I created the situations and thoughts that got me there.

You can do this with your life, too. Anyone can. We are all made of the same awesome stuff. Whatever the dream is, stop waiting for someone to tell you it’s valid or that you are good enough. Begin today. Take one step forward. Find people that support you and tell you that it’s possible. Spend less time with the people that don’t.

Change one thought today – on or off the mat – and, I promise, you will change your life into one better than you could ever believe possible.

(*I know most of you reading this live in a yoga bubble, but the reality is that most people actually don’t have a yoga practice. With 327.2 million people in the United States, only 80 million will give yoga a try. That’s one in four people – which is great odds and, since I like to focus on the positive, numbers do continue to climb.)

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