Sweet Like Dolce

At the beginning of quarantine in March, we brought home an eight-week-old pup and called her Dolce. Meaning “sweet” in Italian, she has lived up to her name even on her crazy puppy days where her energy is unmatched by any of us.

At first, our older dog, Chandi, was fine with the change. But, I also think she thought the situation was temporary and that Dolce would return to wherever she came from soon enough. READ MORE

It Looks Like a Bomhittit & Other Thoughts on Healing Our World

When I was a kid I was kind of a mess. I hated keeping my room tidy, and I’ve been told, my mom would even find food under my bed, though I don’t remember any of this.

What I do remember is my mom coming into my room and declaring it looked like a bomhittit.

And, whenever she would make this declaration I knew I was in for some time in that room, cleaning it up and putting everything in its place. I didn’t know what a bomhittit was, but I was pretty sure it looked my room on its worst day. READ MORE

Getting Rid of the “Should Haves” in Your Life

The word "should," or what I call the "should haves," is one of the worst words on this planet.

In eight grade I decided I wanted to be a singer. After years of claiming I was going to become a doctor, toting around an anatomy book wherever I went, and trying to decide between a family practitioner or an obstetrician, I came home from school and announced nothing was more important to me than a life on the stage. READ MORE

Your Quarantine Story

We’re all going to have a quarantine story. There will be an end to this period of time where we’re all masked up and scared to have even the slightest tickle in our throats when we’re in public. When hand sanitizer doesn’t have to be attached to your key chain next to your car keys. READ MORE

Embrace Your Ambition

At the beginning of the year I signed on for a super intensive online course. It was a business focused course and I was hoping it would help me sort through all of ideas that pop into my head hourly and figure out which ones actually held any kind of real value.

Within week one of the course I felt like I was back in college, cramming to get each assignment done, yet each assignment pushed me to do things way out of my comfort zone. Call people I barely knew and chat with them about their life and my business? Good God, why did I sign up for this?

The answer: to change. To be better. So, I plugged along.


So, life is stressful, no? It was before 2020 and now it’s next level, nuttiness that we’re all trying to get a handle on. Everything is upside down and inside out and every day offers a new set of rules we have to quickly adapt to.

And, yet there is a simple solution to curing the stress crazed days. I actually learned it from my dogs. Yup, you heard it right – my dogs. Hear me out. READ MORE

Last Friday I had real pizza. And, when I say pizza, please know how crazy I am for this food. It is one of my favorite things on this planet. It, like yoga, can make any day better.

Since college, back when my husband and I met, pizza on Friday has been a tradition. And, even through quarantine we kept it going, although it was with frozen pizzas that I cheerfully choked down, grateful we were together, healthy, and safe. READ MORE

I am a born worrier. Ugh. I wish I could change it, but it is a hard-wired emotion that creeps up on me again and again.

What do I worry about? EVERYTHING. Did I say the right thing? Will that person not understand why I did this or that? What if THIS happens?

You get the drift. READ MORE

Hell, yes! You CAN do this. You can get anything you want in your life and I’m spilling my ten-step plan, so you can get your dream, too. Because the world kind of rocks when there are more and more people living their lives on purpose and expressing themselves through the eyes of someone that achieved their dreams. And, right now we need that world. Let’s get to work! READ MORE

Well, I’ve been up all night. I think we’ve all been up all night, lately. I know every inch of my ceiling at this point and know all too well Chandi’s growly groan as I flip over on my side for the millionth time in the last hour in the hopes of drifting off to sleep.

We are definitely in unknown territory. And, I believe we’re at the very beginning of whatever this is. But, instead of concentrating on COVID-19... READ MORE

“I fix nothing. I let it go.” - Jean-Paul Sartre

I have this quote, ripped from last year’s Zen Buddhist Calendar stuck to my refrigerator door with a magnet I bought while in Las Vegas when I vacationed there in my twenties, that boldly states in red, “Las Vegas” surrounded by palm trees and other Vegas-y things. For me, right now that quote couldn’t be truer than true which is why on November 8th, 2019, the day after it was displayed on the calendar, I didn’t have the heart to toss it in with the recycling or use it as scrap paper. READ MORE

Feeling “fat” has been a way of being for the past couple of months. I catch myself again and again going back to a teenager’s mind that asks for thinner thighs and a not too poochy stomach, only to press the mental “DELETE” button each time one of these old thoughts pop up, pushing it away instead of facing how I’m feeling. READ MORE

Well… I’m not sure it’s never been told before. In fact, I’m sure it has, but maybe not in the way I’m going to lay it out for you today. The secret is something that will turn everything upside down. It’s sneaky in its prowess to change your life for the better. It will steal all of the grey, bleakness you have decided life has to offer you and turn it into a technicolor dream rivaling Dorothy’s trip over the rainbow to Oz. READ MORE

For as many people as we know in this life, that’s how many versions of us exist. For some we are the friend, the teacher, the student, the reliable one, the trustworthy one, the happy one, the energetic one, the one that pushes us to be better, the one that brings us peace and calm, the one that offers great advice, that always picks up the phone or answers the text, the one that we love, and so on. READ MORE

My students have probably noticed that when they say the word, “guru,” I bristle a bit. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but often enough to take notice with how it makes me feel. I am so uncomfortable with that word. When I hear it, especially if it is directed towards me and my teaching, I feel needles prick at the back of my neck, as I try and smile at the compliment that it was meant to be. READ MORE

We’ve all done it. Messing up is a part of life and through the years I have come to see my “failures” as some of my biggest triumphs, or moments where I was breaking through to the other side of something. And this time was no different. I know this now that some time has passed and I can see clearly where I started to veer off my own path. READ MORE

The quickest way to change your life is to think new thoughts. Ha! You thought I was going to say go to yoga, didn’t you? But, nope, if you change your thoughts, you will change your life. It’s easy to say, but not as easy to do. It takes discipline. It takes awareness. It takes a willingness that most people refuse to embrace, as it’s much easier to stay in the comfort zone of what they already know and complain about the things they think they cannot change. READ MORE

Well, I feel like a sausage this summer. It was bound to happen. It does every year. I feel fit and comfortable in my body and then… my husband gets the summer off and cooks a boat load of food for EVERY meal. AND it tastes amazing and I just want to sit down and EAT IT ALL. So, I do. READ MORE

I often hear people – friends, family, colleagues, and students – say how they wish they could do or have something in their life in a dreamy way, as if a magic genie will come at any moment and grant them their wish.  These are not the material things of the world they are wishing for – it’s not a hot car, or a big house, or some grand vacation.  It’s the stuff of life we all want:  peace, success, and great relationships. READ MORE

I am a super people pleaser. I am, I swear. Some people will disagree with this admission because over the years I've developed a healthy sense of when to say, 'no,' and I have worked hard to have good boundaries with those around me. But, please know, at the heart of it all, I really want people to like me, all of the time. READ MORE

“I hate my body.”

It came out of their mouth with such an ease you could tell it was more than just words. It was an inner mantra that ran through each cell of their being and it froze me to the spot I was standing in and at the same time struck my heart with such an aching sadness that I instantly wanted to wrap them in a huge hug. READ MORE

About a month ago, I started meditating for fifty minutes every single day – whether I want to or not. The meditation has helped me physically and mentally to let go of what is not serving me in new ways: my hip and lower spine seem to be causing me less trouble, I am aware of when I am clinging to keeping things the way I would like them to be instead of letting life unfold before me, and I am happier and full of fresh energy. READ MORE

How often I hear my students proclaim, “I’m old!” like a badge of honor or an idea that was thrust into their minds and stuck there, unable to unhinge its hook-like claws. I always groan a little inside when these words are shouted emphatically in my direction or whispered underneath their breath like a mantra that they just can’t shake. READ MORE

I’ve been smiling to myself a bunch over the past couple of days.  I was at the salon getting my hair done when the stylist started asking me about my life.  Of course I started talking about yoga – teaching it, taking it, why everyone should do it.  She was very interested and asked some great questions about the practice.  But one has tickled me a bit.  She asked, “Do you live that life?” READ MORE

You always assume you are the only one that needs fixing. You walk into the hot room ready to battle another 90-minute class, laying out your mat with a sigh as you anticipate what’s to come. The other students that surround you seem to have more energy, more understanding of the practice, and in every way look like perfect yogis with the ladies in cute shorts and tops with an obligatory messy, but not too messy, top knot in their hair, and the men in their tech tees and Fit Bits at the ready. READ MORE