FAQ's for Rise Yoga Business Course.

Q: I've never taken an online course. What can I expect?

A: There are many advantages to taking an online course. It saves you time and money to obtain the knowledge you've been seeking. No travel or hotel stay needed. There will be time to ask and get the answers to your questions and find ways to implement new ideas with the support of like-minded teachers that want the same for their careers and communities.

Everything will be easy to access with very little tech involved. You will be given a link or code for each group online meeting that will keep it simple and user friendly. One-on-one sessions with Tori will be easy to book through her online booking system and easy to access, as well. It will feel like you are in the same room, getting the attention towards your business and teaching skills that you deserve.


Q: I don't teach yoga, but do teach pilates at a yoga studio. Can I still join the course? 

A: Yes. This course is intended to assist yoga and pilates professionals up level their business.


Q: What if I cannot make one or more of the weekly group calls? 

A: All calls will be recorded and you will have exclusive access to them to watch at your own leisure. If questions come up you will simply post them to the online group and Tori and the other instructors will join in the conversation.


Q: I am very interested in joining this course, but cannot pay in full at this time. Can I pay in installments? 

A: Yes. If you register during early bird pricing, you can pay in two installment of $195.00 USD. All payments must be received by November 30th to honor the early bird price. If you register after early bird pricing you can pay in two installments of $250.00 USD. All payments must be received by January 1st, 2020.


Q: I don't live in the United States. Can I still join the course?

A: Absolutely! This group is already shaping up to be an inspiring collection of international yogis. All are welcome and Tori will do her best to accommodate all time zones with her weekly meet-up calls.

Have more questions? Contact Tori now and she will work with you to ensure you feel empowered to take this next step in your yoga career.