Discover Thought: How Yoga Can Change Your Life By Changing the Way You Think


I am a strong believer that everything in your life comes from the thoughts that you think. So much so, that whenever things begin to take a downward turn, in any area of my life, I brainstorm what I might have started to believe was true for me in such a way that I brought this event/situation/person to my life. And then once I figure out what that thought was – after several days of meditating, journaling, and evaluating – I try and flip it as best I can to a thought that will bring about something more positive for my life.

This practice is not the easiest. What makes it difficult is you can’t blame anyone else for anything in your life. It’s there because you thought it and it stays because you allow it to do so. This is also powerful. It means you have more control than you think. And it’s simple, really. But, if you already practice yoga you know simple things are not always easy. Usually, they are the exact opposite of easy.

This practice also drives my husband nuts. I stub my toe, get a cold, or have an all-around frustrating day and I whine, “What was I thinking that brought this on?” And though he believes to some degree in what I also believe, he rolls his eyes and says, “Sometimes things just happen, babe.” So, if you think I am a bit strange for believing in what I do, I’m okay with that, we are all here to experience life in our own unique way.

Yet, as a yoga instructor I get to witness people healing themselves everyday. It’s like proof walks through the doors, telling me I’m on the right track. That shoulder issue they walked in with last year is gone. The back that needed surgery, no longer does. And this makes complete sense to me. If what is happening in the body is a result of the way someone is thinking, the body can’t help but be changed by a regular yoga practice. Why? Because yoga has the power to change the way you think.

How often I see students start their practice with the belief that certain postures are not possible for them EVER, that they will never be like that yogi they saw in the front row, that they have ALWAYS had bad knees/tight hips/skin disorders/weight issues/back problems/etc. and there is no way an exercise class is going to change any of that. And how often I see the yoga bust through those thoughts that are holding the student back from living the life of their dreams as they start to realize what they are truly capable of. Yoga shakes you up and lets the dead things drop away, the things that are not serving you. It is a game changer.

(And if you are thinking right now, “But what if (fill in the blank with whatever is ailing you) runs in my family?” I want you to consider that maybe the thoughts that bring whatever it is about, are actually what run in your family. Change your thoughts, change your life)

Remember, the average human has 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. The problem is, they are the same 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts they had the day before. And eighty percent of these thoughts are considered negative. Then we wonder why nothing is changing, nothing is evolving.

Yoga can help you think new thoughts by slowly opening up the body to something it was unable to do in the past. It can have you looking at your Self in a positive light as you become proud of each accomplishment that took place on your mat. For when you accomplish something new, you have to change your perspective of what is possible on your journey. In that way, yoga can help you change your life. You simply need to show up for you and be open to the change.

Originally posted to on January 23, 2019

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