Are YOU Ready for an Advanced Yoga Class?


I’m gonna say, YES! A thousand times, yes!!

It’s no secret that I love to teach intermediate and advanced yoga classes. Arm balancing, deep back bends, inversions, you name it, I love to teach it.

And, not only teach it, but practice it each and every day. Taking on postures that at one time seemed crazy, unachievable, only for the bendy, contortionist body, has changed every facet of my life.

It has taught me that nothing is impossible. I have learned how strong I am, both physically and mentally, where I am locked up in my body, how to work with the amazing machine it is to open it back up, and how to surprise myself on a daily basis.

Often, I have students shy away from attending my more advanced classes and workshops, only to find out, when they finally decide to give it a try, that these classes, are not only challenging, but fun. No one shows up to these classes and “knows it all.” You show up to learn. You show up to begin.

I will never forget the first time I found myself in Full Camel Pose. Back then, there were no advanced classes in my area, so I was on my own, trying to figure out how to go deeper, picking up scraps of information where I could. And, then one day after class, as I worked through the posture, it all clicked and came into place. I grabbed my heels and pulled my body into position.

Afterwards I jumped up, beaming with the achievement. It was so exciting. No one could do the posture for me. I had to learn for myself. It was more than a posture. It was confidence, flexibility, strength, knowledge, release, love, and trust.

And, that’s why I love to teach others how to build postures that seem out of their reach. I want you to have the same experience.

I would never a teach a class that isn’t for everyone. Creating community and connection is one of the greatest benefits to attending a yoga class instead of practicing on your own. You might not be able to do everything at first. But, you can start where you are and do your yoga. You can build something new.

There are so many opportunities right now to practice yoga virtually and expand beyond what your practice once was. I hope you leap toward it, instead of staying in your comfort zone. There will always be more to learn. We were meant to evolve and grow. All of us. You.

Tori Hicks-Glogowski is an online yoga instructor and yoga business coach and mentor for yoga teachers. She is the author of the book, "Views from the Podium: The Life & Times of a Hot Yogi," and has been writing and sharing her yoga experience for the past seven years. Find out more about Tori now.

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