All Applaud the Yoga Spouse


Students often ask me, “Are you like this all of the time? You have so much energy and are always so upbeat!” I always laugh and tell them they should talk to my husband, knowing full well that his answer to my general disposition being a happy ball of energy would be a flat out, “No.”   I am human like everyone else. I get tired, cranky, overwhelmed, stressed, and at times can be prone to dramatic freak-outs.

It takes a special someone to understand a yoga teacher’s commitment, not only to his/her students, but also to their own practice when they are not drawn to sweat it out in the same way day after day. Even if you are not a teacher, but someone that has a commitment to their practice you spend quite a big chunk of your day getting to, doing, and cleaning up after your yoga session. If you have a partner that supports this and you, hold on tight and kiss them quick!

So, this week I’d like to thank my husband and the countless other yoga spouses out there for doing some or all of the following:

Getting the Leftovers. Let’s face it. If you are a yoga teacher that energy you wake up with is for your students and the classes you are going to teach that day…and your spouse kind of gets whatever is left. Sometimes I’m full of energy and can’t stop talking, other times I just need to soak in an Epsom salt bath and be left alone for a while. It’s nice to know that either option is perfectly acceptable when I walk in the door after class.

Insisting on Timeouts. When I first started teaching I was at the studio 7 days a week. I would take one day off, but inevitably still go and take class on that day. This is when my husband sat me down and told me I would be a crazy person within the first year if I kept it up. Everyone deserves a day off and away from their work even if they love their job. So, each Sunday is devoted to everything not yoga. This helps me recharge, reboot, and get ready for the week ahead.

Making Sure We Eat. Being in the heat all of the time really curbs your appetite. There are times I swear I couldn’t eat a thing until my husband puts a big plate of awesomeness (he’s an incredible cook!) in front of me, and then it’s gone in less than 10 seconds. Without him I probably would survive on juice, chips, and scrambled eggs.

Thinking We Still Look Attractive Coming Home from the Studio, Stinking and Soaking Wet. Bravo to the yoga spouse that gives their honey a big ol’ kiss when they step through the door soaked in their own sweat, asking how class was. Is there anything cuter than someone that finds us cute when we are probably looking our worst?

Being our photographer and cheerleader. I love taking pictures in postures pretty much anywhere and at anytime. The yoga spouse is usually the one clicking away when you want that shot of your Triangle Pose on the beach or that Backbend during a hike. They are the ones snapping pictures at competitions and listening as you talk endlessly on about working on a new posture or finally understanding a posture you have been working on for years.

Listening to Countless Stories About People They Don’t Know Achieving Things They Didn’t Know They Could Achieve. You think I was excited when I saw you kick out for the first time in Standing Head to Knee Pose? You have no idea how proud I am of my student’s achievements. My evening chats with my husband usually have me at some point talking about someone he might never meet getting deeper into one pose or another and how great it was to watch it happen. He not only acts interested, but he sometimes asks later how a certain student is doing.

One thing I know for sure is I couldn’t do it all without the love and support I get from my husband. He is the perfect partner for me on this journey called life, helping me keep it real every step of the way.

Originally posted to on February 3, 2015

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