I'm Tori Hicks-Glogowski, a yoga instructor, newbie author, and long-time blogger. I am wife to an insanely talented middle school choir teacher, and a devoted dog mom to our sweet girl, Chandi. I think pizza is the best food on the planet, that a good book can change your life in an instant, and I love to sing along with angry women pop songs at the top of my lungs, even though I've never been that fired up or furious.

I dove headfirst into yoga, spirituality and meditation over fourteen years ago and it changed my life forever. Having suffered from a severe eating disorder for years, I was able to turn it all around, and have the opportunity to fall in love with my body and my life through my practice.

When it comes to a yoga practice, the biggest obstacle is getting on your mat or to the studio. How can we make this positive choice for ourselves over and over again when life is so full, of well... EVERYTHING? Well, that's what this space is for. It was created to get you fueled up with inspiration to keep the yoga fire lit for YOU to live your best life.

How? Weekly blog posts, posture tips, one-on-one coaching sessions for yoga instructors and yoga students, online courses for instructors to up their yoga business, events, workshops, and through an online community where you connect with other yogis just like you.

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There is nothing better to me than connecting with you and helping you go further in your yoga practice or develop a yoga business that you are proud of. Let's meet on the mat this week - online sessions are available. You can be half-way around the world and we still have the opportunity to connect!