A Prayer for Savasana


Good God Body you worked so hard over the last 90-minutes.

You tried everything I asked you to.

Sometimes we failed, but I would like to say we mostly triumphed.

You are the perfect partner for me in this life.

You are my teacher and my guide.

I listen to you when you say, “I’ve had enough, slow down.”

And you listen to me when I say,” Maybe it’s not time to slow down, but time find out what happens if we continue on.” 

I know that I am sometimes cruel to you. I say the worst things about you to others and complain when you give me the slightest discomfort. But I have decided to put that in the past.

I realized you would be the most faithful servant and keep my lungs pumping full of air and my heart beating in perfect time, whether I loved you or hated you.

I have finally realized you work better, my life works better, if I decide to love you and be kind to you.

So I would like to say thank you.

Thank you for every small and grand thing that you do for me in this life.

Thank you for my feet that stand firm upon the ground with strength and ease, pointing and flexing on command.

Thank you to my legs that I had once declared had ugly knees and a heavy mess of thunder thigh, but I now realize are strong and flexible and able to power me through this yoga journey and the life beyond my mat.

Thank you to my yoga butt. You are not too big or too round.  You are the perfect size for me and I thank you for your strength. Without you I would never be able to bend the way I do.  I would never feel that surge of adrenaline as I slip into the deepest backward bends, or the firm foundation of good locked out knee, without you.

Thank you to my core – to the tummy that sucked in to get me further into my forward bends and to the back that supports me in ways I don’t even acknowledge throughout my day.

Lungs you amaze me.

Heart you complete me.  Letting me feel all of the feels as you gla-glub, gla-glub gla-glub away continually.

Much gratitude to my arms and hands that gripped and grabbed, that pulled and pushed with all of their might.

Thank you to my neck and shoulders that supported the craziest moments in my practice and are the first spots in my body that show me I have too much tension or stress, letting me know that it might be a good idea to release it through deep breathing, meditation, a conversation with a trusted friend, or simply an adult time out.

Thank you to my face and my head.  My face for helping me express my emotions and convey my thoughts with others in a way that is uniquely me and my head for holding my mind and this all too incredible brain that allows me to experience this life in a way that no other human on the planet gets to experience it.

Thank you, Body.  Thank you, Spirit.  I will never be able to say thank you enough.  I will never be able to love you enough, not in the way you have always loved and cared for me.  Thank you for this life.

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