6 Reasons Students Love Their Yoga Teacher


The role of yoga teachers within their community continue to morph into today's modern landscape, yet these six reasons as to why a student is drawn to one teacher over another stays the same...

Passion. There’s nothing better than being in the same room with a passionate person. They are magnetic. Passion for what you are doing, what you are saying, and what your students are achieving is key.

Compassion. A yoga practice is not easy. Life at times is not easy. To truly feel compassion for others and their journey, not only during a session, but also in life, is something every yoga instructor should strive to cultivate.

Educated. A yoga teacher should be in constant pursuit of continuing their education to better understand the practice of yoga and themselves. A good instructor will use multiple sources and inspirations to help them on their journey. A yoga teacher is never complacent.

Practitioner. It does not matter how many classes a teacher instructs each week, they have to practice. As a yoga instructor practices, they learn more about the yoga, they continue to be compassionate towards their students, and demonstrate to the students that there is always more to learn.

Individual. Each teacher has their own message about the practice of yoga that they feel compelled to share with their students. A yoga instructor that has an individual voice and is comfortable expressing themselves is powerful. The more of You, you can be, the better.

Humor. Yoga instructors should never take themselves too seriously. The student doesn't need you to be perfect. They need you to be real.

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