What Yoga Is… and What It Is Not

Yoga is: A spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

Yoga is NOT: Going to get in the way of your religious or spiritual practices you have already adopted. It will add to the philosophy and wonder of it all.


Yoga is: Tough stuff. It will challenge you in every way – physically, mentally, emotionally. It is because of this, that it has the power to change you for the better.

Yoga is NOT: Light stretching. An easy workout. Something you do when you get older.


Yoga is: Painful at times as the body starts to balance itself out and heal up old injuries.

Yoga is NOT: Effortless or comfortable. It’s in the discomfort you will start to notice the body starts to open up and the mind begins to grow quiet.


Yoga is: A lifestyle change. You will choose different foods. You will love the taste of water. You will walk taller. You will smile more. You will be busting through comfort zones and liking it.

Yoga is NOT: A once in a while work out. If you want to see changes happen for you with this practice, you need to roll out the mat at least 3 times a week…every week.


Yoga is: An endless learning process. A constant search for truth within the body and the mind and a quest to find the teachers to light your path for you and guide you on your way.

Yoga is NOT: The same old, same old, day after day routine. Even if the postures are the same, you are different and have something to learn from that difference.


Yoga is: A practice that will humble you in many ways.

Yoga is NOT:  Elitist. You are not a better yogi because:  you wear certain shorts, own a certain mat, have never taken a break in class, meditated for two hours before class, etc.


Yoga is: About how you train and if you continue to seek further knowledge.

Yoga is NOT: About who you trained with or who you learn from.


Yoga is: About showing up for your Self.

Yoga is NOT:  About other people.


Yoga is: About celebrating everything you are.

Yoga is NOT: About demonstrating everything you are not.


Yoga is: A commitment.

Yoga is NOT: Going to let you down.

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