Hello! I'm Tori.

I'm an online yoga instructor here to help you develop a yoga practice that will last years, not months, and give such a yoga glow, you'll have all of your friends and family asking how you are able to have it all. Work, family, career, and yoga? Yup, you've totally got this.


Imagine feeling so great in your body, that you feel confident you can climb up a mountain if you need to, go for a long bike ride with your kids, or just glide down the beach, relaxed in who you are.

It doesn't matter what age you are, limitations you believe you have, or if you feel like you don’t have enough time to squeeze your practice into your day. With my program, it's all possible.

Weekly Class Offerings:

Traditional Hatha Yoga Level II

If you love Bikram Yoga, you'll love this class. And, since you're practicing from home, if you love or hate the heat in those classes, you can decide if you want to light your skin on fire or keep it cool - yay for climate control! One thing I can promise you is you will sweat. Keeping the structure of the twenty-six postures of the Bikram Method, this class introduces you to arm balancing postures, inversions, deep back bends, and salutations. Kind of like an old friend that grounds you when you when the world feels like its spinning too fast, this class is here to help you set solid goals for your overall health and well-being.

Power Hatha Flow

This is the yoga adventure you've always wanted to take, but never knew existed. In this class you'll come at postures in fresh ways to understand them better than you ever have before. Deep twists, back bends, challenging arm balances, inversions, and strengthening flows set this class apart from the rest, not to mention a touch of the unexpected. Get ready to surprise yourself with everything you can do and to feel like a kid on the yoga playground each time your show up for class.


I believe in breaks. Sometimes all you need is to slow down and restore. This class serves up longer holds, a slower pace, and a relaxing vibe throughout the session. Added throughout the class you'll learn self myofascial release techniques to break up knots and bring energy to tired areas. This is the bubble bath of yoga classes. You're welcome.

My Work (& This Site)

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What My Student's Are Saying:

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"My yoga practice has evolved more in the last 5-months with Tori's online yoga classes than it has in the last 8 years!"

- Denise K. 


"I have been a student of Tori's for years. Tori is the most knowledgeable, thorough, tough, yet compassionate, yoga teacher I know. I mean this woman CARES about what she does, and when you work with Tori, you want to give it all you have. Her passion is infectious."

- John J.

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"I've developed a new passion for yoga through Tori's online classes. There’s so much to learn and ways to be better. There’s so much that goes in to perfecting each pose - it’s a challenging challenge."

- Agnes C. 

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